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Basic provisions

  • 1.1The provision of services for the provision of software for automatic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges Acesta Trade Software is carried out on the website https://acesta.trade . These rules define the basic terms and conditions of the service.
  • 1.2This website, including its content and materials, is provided on an "As Is" basis. Acesta Trade does not guarantee a certain profitability when using robots in trading. The profitability of the robot depends on many factors, including: trading volumes and liquidity on exchanges, volatility, as well as robot settings.
  • 1.3All independent settings of the service are available to the user. The characteristics of the settings are described in detail in the Help Center. The user independently determines the settings he needs and is personally responsible for losses in case of incorrect or aggressive trading settings.
  • 1.4Technical support does not provide advice on the formation of strategies.

Rights and obligations of the parties.

  • 2.1Acesta Trade undertakes to provide the software for temporary use (lease) to the user according to the Tariff chosen by him within 24 hours from the moment of payment and creation of the application. We ensure the operability of our servers on the Internet 24 hours a day.
  • 2.2Acesta Trade undertakes to store the identification data assigned to the user, passwords and other information necessary for the use of the program in accordance with these Terms, as well as access to the email address and other data in conditions that exclude access to the specified data of third parties.
  • 2.3Acesta Trade has the right to suspend the possibility of using the program by the user in cases of preventive and repair work with the extension of the license terms.
  • 2.4The User undertakes to pay the rent in a timely manner, in the amount and within the time provided for by the established tariffs.
  • 2.5The User does not have the right to transfer the right to use the software to third parties for a fee or free of charge (access to the software and/or use the functionality of the software).

Responsibility of the parties

  • 3.1The moment of fulfillment of Acesta Trade's obligation to transfer rights is the moment when the license activation service is provided to the user via the Internet.
  • 3.2Acesta Trade is not responsible in the following cases: the occurrence of technical problems of exchanges, the facts of theft of funds from exchanges, blocking user accounts on exchanges, bankruptcy of exchanges, incorrect work on the part of the API services of exchanges, incorrect user settings.
  • 3.3The Platform does not store or accept users' funds, and also does not make any payments (except for remuneration under the referral program). All funds are stored in user accounts on private accounts on exchanges. Acesta Trade does not have access to withdraw funds from user accounts on exchanges. The user and the respective exchanges are responsible for the security of funds on the accounts of the exchanges. Acesta Trade uses the user's funds to place orders on exchanges via the API interface, according to the user settings of the robot.
  • 3.4The User of the Service agrees that in case of violation of any condition or rule of this User Agreement, his account may be blocked.
  • 3.5Acesta Trade is not responsible for the information about our service provided on other sites except https://acesta.trade and subdomains of the platform.

Financial policy

  • 4.1 Payment for the services of the service.
    Acesta Trade does not take a commission from the profit that the user receives when trading the bot.
    Payment for the license of Acesta Trading Software CORE and Acesta Trading Software PRO robots is carried out according to the current tariff plans indicated on our website.
    Acesta Trade account balance can be replenished with USDT (TRC-20)
  • 4.2 The balance of the Acesta Trade account is not refunded, except in cases of private erroneous replenishment.
    Erroneous replenishment is the replenishment of the Acesta Trade account balance instead of replenishing the account on the exchange.
    The refund of the erroneous payment is made upon request to the technical support service, which must be done no later than 3 days from the date of payment.
    When returning erroneous deposits, we charge a 5% commission for manual processing of the application, the minimum commission amount is 10USD.
    The refund is made in the same currency in which the deposit was made, and to the same address from which the deposit was made.

Final provisions

  • 5.1 Acesta Trade has the right to unilaterally change any terms of these rules and their annexes by making appropriate changes to these terms and posting a new version on the Acesta Trade page on the Internet.

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